Why we are moving to password-less login systems


Given the huge amount of security breaches in the last few months, we at CatLab decided to take a closer look at the security models we are currently using. Right now we still offer the good ol' login & password formula, combined with possibilities to login using OpenID or Facebook wherever possible. Our passwords are encrypted & salted, as all passwords should, but it appears not everyone follows the same recipe, putting the login & password system at risk.

That is why we have decided to start moving towards a password-less authentication system. That means that soon, we will be offering only Facebook Connect, OpenID and Persona identification in our (coming) projects, practically reducing password theft risk and giving us more time to spend on what actually matters: developing games.

We are especially looking for Persona to offer a good & secure authentication system, especially for people who don't want to use their Facebook and don't have an OpenID account.

But rest assured, our systems will always be backwards compatible so that you will always have access to your favourite games with your existing accounts.

(We have found a nice infogram showing the latest big hacks.)

Big Dare: now with 90% more colour


We recently got some help from our good friend Boyan: he started making pictures for each of our (at the moment) 74 dares! The pictures will be displayed when a user decides to post an activity on his wall.

It will take a few more days to finish all dares, but the first pictures are already appearing on facebook.

Happy daring!

Best of Weekly Dare


A few months ago, we released the Big Dare, a tiny facebook application that gives each user a series of dares that they should complete before their life ends. It's a sort of "to do" list to live a full and interesting life.

Last week, we released a new feature: the weekly dare. Once every few weeks we launch a dare that has to be completed within a certain timespan. This week, we dared everyone to write a poem.

Here are some of the pieces of art we've received:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I ate some Broccoli,
And so should you!

(by Matthías Páll Gissurarson)

Make your life different,
Do what others don't.
Don't care to make a fool of yourself,
Then other people also won't.

(by Linsy Kool)

Always sharing with friends
To be staring at plants
And to travel with pants
Never know what you’re knowing
Don’t admit that you’re glowing
Like you go where you’re going
Being the best
Don’t take a rest
Because you last
And leaving the past 
To make most of your life

(by Anouk de Martelaere)

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