QuizWitz Update: User Experience

Dear lab cats

It’s the end of the month, and we hope you had a blast! Just like we had at the studio. We worked our bright and furry socks off and we’re ready to give you a thorough update.

User Experience

First of all, we worked on your experience with the game. We felt we provided little guidance to help you find your way. That’s why new users will now receive a confirmation email. Of course every account upgrade will receive a nice thank you note too. Next, we added tooltips to our buttons to help guide you on the platform. Whenever you can’t remember what a certain button does, simply hover over it for a second or two and a little explanation will pop up. Lastly, we started working on a tutorial, for which we present an early preview here!


Languages can be a boundary, but not for us! We created a simple localization tool and started translating the platform in Dutch. So from now on you can choose between two languages already. In due time, you will also be able to filter on language in the search menu, but for now, the collectibles are shown in the language the user selects for the platform. We are looking to add more languages in the future.

The future holds the tutorial and a FAQ, plus a translation for and improvements to the party game. So, what do you think about our new confirmation email, tooltips and Dutch translations? We’d be very happy to hear your thoughts and comments! Just drop them in the whiskers box below!


Don’t forget it’s the end of the week, which means it’s time for the Weekly news quiz! Have you been paying attention to the news lately?

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