QuizWitz update: Game controller designs and the feedback evening

Dear lab cats!

Past few weeks of July, we’ve been updating the codes on our CatLab website and designing a new version of our game controller views! So tests were necessary, and that’s why we organized a true “QuizWitz play and action evening event for awesome people”!

Feedback Event

We didn’t call it that of course but we organized a fun evening with some friends from each of us to create a diverse group of ‘test subjects’. There were drinks, snacks and feedback from 12 people (we just didn’t have the space for more)!

It was a fun evening with lots of quiz questions and winners! As people left for home, we immediately started to plan our next fedback evening. Here are some pictures but we have some more on our QuizWitz Facebook page!

Controller designs

The game controller screens were an issue to tackle. We wanted to give players more instant feedback as they answered questions. Our designer Katia came up with some fun designs you can see here. Better yet, test them in action in QuizWitz directly!

Roles on the platform

If QuizWitz is to become a living and vibrant community of people, we have to see it as a tiny society. By defining roles people can assume, we can reach the right people and design the right features for them (and you). We’re working on that by thinking ahead, looking at what different people will be doing on QuizWitz in 5 years. More on this will follow later in August.


Lastly, we’re preparing to create some videos in which we go over our updates and give insight in our development process. If you know any topics we should not forget, please do comment in the whiskers box below, or on Facebook, Twitter or send us an email!

As always, thanks for reading and don’t forget to adore the cat!

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